About Us

Welcome to BestCarMag.com, the small but fast-growing popular automotive Web site inspired and founded by the group of addicted car enthusiasts!

 As an informative, reliable source of essential information, we do our best to provide the latest hot and happening automotive news and comprehensive updates. One can find here, on our site, some actual and useful info as we use the most verified resources to check our data. We work for you seven days a week and hope you will like this resource as much as we do!

Our Mission

We consider our high-hearted mission to feed our devoted readers all the information they need, and do this in a fair and timely manner. We believe BestCagMag.com to become one of the most authoritative and accurate automotive resources of this industry news, and we understand our mission to meet all the informational needs of our readers. Every day we grab the automotive data, reviews, technical specs short lists, amazing photo shots to support this aim. Hope you will appraise our efforts!

Our Team

As previously noted, our team consists of several car fans, addicted and ardent. Our thoughts are attuned; we keep our minds open for our passion. So let us introduce those who strive hard to make this project thrillingly catching for you and meet our team!

Stoil Dragomirov, Chief Executive Officer

Stoil Dragomirov runs the project maintaining the high quality of the information product and inspiring the main concept. He is responsible for developing the entire BestCarMag project and innovating new automotive ideas, being our mastermind. Previously Stoil worked in this field for 10 years and has a reliable experience in technology development; he founded BestCarMag project challenging the world.



Vit Corescey, Senior Programming Leader

Vit joined BestCarMag not long ago but he plays a crucially important role in applying the latest hi-tech innovations within our project. He is responsible for different technical operations, computing, virtualization and software engineering. Vit has over 7 years of tech experience with Web projects and currently does this work for us, maintaining our site to operate and succeed.




Joe Simmons, Chief Technology Officer

Joe seems to know all about each and every car; that means he is a true car fanatic. He knows how to explain complicated technical things in several plain and simple words. Joe appears to be our most authoritative source of automotive information, specifications, trims and modes, body kits and shapes. In other words, Joe is our advice-giver.



Kate Norman, Editorial and Copywriting Team Leader

Kate started her career as a freelance journalist, and her work was so successful we realize she could do more. She has worked as an automotive journalist for several years boasting a wide range of elaborated article portfolio. Now Kate is responsible for all our publicity, our detailed reviews and huge articles, automotive news and brief cutting-edge notes.


BestCagMag.com offers all the data you need on this Web site. If you have any questions about our projects, please feel free to contact us. If you have any suggestions regarding the project development or advertising our site, please go to Contact Us Page – here you could reach our team effortlessly.